Do you know that only one hug in a day can keep you away from severe illness? 

In this busy life that is full of stress, everyone needs to boost their happiness and health. For this, they need a simple action called hug. 

Frequent hugs may protect stressed people from getting ill. Hugging from a trusted person gives you happiness. 

It is proved that hugging is mentally, physically, emotionally beneficial for us.  Touching someone creates a bond and it helps to connect with them. 

The person, who gets more hugs, is more secure and strong sense of happiness. Hugging someone not only keeps you strong mentally, but emotionally as well. 

Hugging someone helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, depression and increase one’s willing to live. This even works when you hug your pet. 

According to a research, “When people hug each other, their bodies create Oxytocin. And this increases the trust, feelings of warmth, connection of the two people.”

If you are in stress, depression and mentally disturbed, you will feel better if you hug or you receive hug. 

The same applies in a healthy relationship. Hugging helps to decrease the gap between couples what happens in your daily life. A hug can reveal the range of emotions. It can be sweet, caring, sensitive, emotion and even sexy. 

How hugs are medically beneficial for us:

• Hugs boost an Oxytocin level which heals the feeling of anger, loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress.
• Hugs manage the nervous system. Hugging relaxes the muscles, releases tension from the body.
• Hugging is like meditation and laughter. It connects you with your heart, your feelings and your breath. 
• Hugs boost self-esteem. The hugs we receive from our trusted ones, teach us how to love ourselves.
• The energy that exchange between the people while hugging someone is like an investment in a relationship. 
• Hugging increases the understanding between the people.
• With several benefits along, hugging becomes an essential part of our life. So, what are you waiting for? Go and hug and exchange the greetings of warmth! 

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