Many people spend much time on ‘Social Media’ applications like Facebook and Twitter. At least I am… Aren’t you?

Earlier, many people thought, spending so much time on social media is like culture-killers. But now we see excessive time being spent on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and a lot more especially by the youth.

While many parents oppose this new age technologies, it is important for them to understand that there are many lessons that we can learn from these social media applications.

Here are five of the most important lessons that one can learn via Social Media:

In life, never afraid to like something openly, even if you are the first to like it

While using Facebook, as witnessed in many cases, a person likes anything openly even if they first ones to do so. Similarly, you can also do the same in your life. As in life, we are often afraid to like anything openly unless someone else takes the first step. Always be eager to show your liking towards anything in real life too, no matter who thinks what.

Remove the ‘Unlike’ button from life 

Just like Facebook, one can erase the ‘Unlike’ button for forever. Many times, it happens that you do not like anything in life, but it is okay as disliking something is worse for you. So use to avoid it in your life.

Have active ‘Comments’ area in life 

Never be afraid to be different and to show it to others. You must have opinion on different things and many things. It doesn’t mean that you dislike the other’s opinion. It is all about expressing yourself freely.

Share what you like and Share repeatedly what you like immensely

In life, we never share what we like, but if we learn this lesson from Facebook, not only the world will be happier but also you will be. So, always feel free to share what you like in your life.

Make friends

Have the courage to stretch your hands for friendship at any given time. If someone is ready to be friend, be ready to reach back but make sure to keep the creeps out of your life.

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