Is it necessary to respond to an official mail while spending time with family or during your leisure time? 

Speaking about the technology, especially the Smartphone as is our ‘Frenemy’, it helps us at work and home but to being fully present at any moment, it can also be a hindrance, shows the new research. 

Technology is neither good nor bad if we talk about managing the boundaries between home and office life. It is true that no one can balance the both simultaneously. In other way, we can also say that Technology spoils relationship. We see many cases where relationships are spoiled by the technologies like Smartphone, Laptops etc.

The researchers found that the working employees have to engage in three key strategies while managing both work and home boundaries.

Three key strategies while managing both the domains:


First best idea for managing both the domains: You can work on an individual report by being physically present in one domain while cognitively and behaviourally engaged in both the domains. This is simple that you can habitually appear together for both the domains.


Second best idea: If you want to engage in one domain; either you can turn off the phone or make some changes in settings yourself for being unavailable from one domain while engage in another domain.


The last and third best idea: It indicates that anyone can use technology as an aid in moving from one domain to another.

For example, one may use Smartphone to bridge between both work and home and by accessing e-mails using laptops or Smartphone by the end of the workday before being fully engaged in another domain. 

“Theses all three key strategies were often supposed as a help managing both the domains (Work and Home),” said an associate professor of Psychology Stacie Furst-Holloway at the University of Cincinnati in the US.

Using these three key strategies, you can easily manage Work-Home domains effectively. 

Apart from these strategies, you must make a plan on how to manage your full workday life easy and do not make habit of working from home whenever you are available as spending time elsewhere is equally important.

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