It’s Friday the 13th — don’t walk under mirrors and do save yourself from meeting a black cat on the way back home because it’s the most unlucky day of the year! 
Here are some facts of why this particular day in the year is considered so inauspicious or ominous:
1) Fear of this day is likely rooted in Christianity. Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday and ever since the day has been associated with “general ill omen”. In fact, weddings are not held on Fridays. First, superstitions about Friday the 13th are rooted in the guest list of the Last Supper, where Judas was the 13th guest at the table and the next day Christ was crucified. 
2) As early as the 14th century, Friday has been considered an unlucky day. ‘The Canterbury Tales’ written by Geoffrey Chaucer, has a phrase which reads, “On a Friday fell all this mischance.” 
3) First ever written reference to 13th the Friday being an unlucky day was in a novel written by Thomas W. Lawson, called ‘Friday, the 13th’. Absurdly, a ship named after his book got stuck in a storm and was shipwrecked on the night of Friday the 13th in 1907.
4) The bad omen on Friday the 13th may be self-fulfilling revelation. One of the studies in the 90s found that admissions in hospitals for accidents were comparatively higher on Friday the 13th.
5) It also might be baloney, as a German study found no spike in hospital admissions or procedures on Friday the 13th.
6) An interesting fact is that, any month that starts with a Sunday will contain a Friday the 13th, and there can be as many as three of them in a year.
7) Not every culture believes Friday the 13th is unlucky. In the Greek culture, Tuesday the 13th is considered far more ominous. And In Italy, Friday the 17th is spookier than the Friday the 13th. 
8) Also, there are two names for the fear of Friday the 13th which is also tough-to-pronounce. Those names are, “Paraskevidekatriaphobia,” and “Friggatriskaidekaphobia.”
9) Alfred Hitchcock, an English film director and producer, was born on the 13th. The master of suspense was born on August 13, 1899 – so Friday, August 13, 1999 would have been his 100th birthday. He made his directorial debut in 1922 with a movie called Number 13. Unfortunately, the film was doomed from the start and never got off the ground due to financial troubles.
10) Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Steve Buscemi are some famous personalities who were all born on Friday the 13th.
11) It seems for Taylor Swift, 13 is her lucky number as the pop star was born on the 13th. She even turned 13 on Friday the 13th. Also, her first album went gold in 13 weeks and her first song had a 13-second intro, the singer told MTV in a 2009 interview. Coincidence right?
Bonus for Friday the 13th:
12) Best Horror movies you could watch this Friday the 13th are:
     ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge’ (1985)
     ‘The Babadook’ (2014)
     ‘Creep’ (2014) 
     ‘Curse of Chucky’ (2013) 
     ‘Dead Silence’ (2007) 
     ‘Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers’ (1995) 
     ‘Hush’ (2016) 
     ‘Scream 2’ (1997) 
     ‘Stitches’ (2012) 
     ‘Would You Rather’ (2012)
13) Most haunted places in India. (A must visit only if you think you can handle the horror!)
      Towers of Silence, Mumbai
      Bhangarh, Rajasthan
      Three Kings Church, Goa
      The Shaniwarwada Fort , Pune
      GP Block, Meerut
      Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat
      Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
      The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan
      Fernhill Hotel, Ooty
      Mukesh Mills, Mumbai
      Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai
      Kuldhara, Rajasthan
      House Number W-3, Greater Kailash, New Delhi
      D’Souza Chawl in Mahim, Mumbai
Surprisingly all the facts mentioned above add to a 13 and it’s a Friday!

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