It is difficult to understand if a person has a crush on you. A crush could develop as a casual friendship, love or as a sexual relationship. But do you know how you can actually identify if a particular person has a crush on you?

You sometimes miss out on people as you are unsure of their feelings towards you. So, it is important to understand the language of those feelings. 

A person may not be able to express his/her feelings because of different reasons that can include nervousness, peer pressure etc. Sometimes, one may feel that you are attractive, but is not able to communicate. 

People who commonly change their partners have a tendency to flirt which may be an indication that they are interested in you.

Even though signs may not work in every situation but put them all together and you will be able to find out that one has crush on you.

Here are some simple ways to know if someone has crush on you:

Eye Contact:

Eye contact is major sign of attraction. If someone holds eye contact with you for a long time, it is possible that he has a crush on you. 

Appearance Matters:

If a person has crush on you, the daily styling could tell you that he/she likes you and wants to their best to you. He will take extra care of his get-up or appearance. 

A man will want to be cool, clean shaven while a woman will want to spend much time on her hairstyle, dressing sense and make-up.


A man is never nervous before a woman if he has no feelings for her. Hence, if you notice that the man who has crush on you is getting nervous while talking to you with a little sweat on the forehead, chances are good that he has something in his heart for you.

A Close Touch:

If you notice that a man gets touchy with you, it can be a strong sign of attraction. If you find him around you within the group of friends and paying attention to you and your needs; you should know that he has a crush on you.

Invites You Out:

If your friend is inviting you for a lunch or dinner, you can count it as a very good sign as this is the very good way to express and to get close to someone.

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