Washington D.C: A new fun game by the Danish, called La Petite Mort was banned from the Apple store as it failed to stand by Apple’s standards. The app was aimed to stimulate the users by abstractly teaching them how to touch a girl’s sensitive parts with the help of an audible feedback.

The game is produced by Lovable Hat Cult, a Danish studio.

Designer of the application Patrick Jarnfelt said, “The idea for the game came from two sources. The relatively untapped potential of erotic mobile games and the development of a new algorithm called cellular automata, which allows for areas on the screen to respond to very specific stimulation.

Jarnfelt said, “We thought, what kind of thing you can do with that? And like what if it was touch-based? and then somehow this eroticism came out of that, so if you interact with this cell-based system it could become erotic because each cell is intelligent and responding to your touch.”

The app creator said that he’s not surprised that Apple objected to the app, he further added that La Petite Mort is just as much about creating an artistic experience as a sexual one.

On speaking to the media Jarnfelt said “Our game should not be regarded as an educational game about pleasuring vulvas, it is meant to be a sensuous, erotic and artistic experience in itself.

One could hope though, that the way you have to play it and the discussions it hopefully spurs, could lead to people being more relaxed about female sexuality, and make the world more accepting and aware on these subjects, and make them less taboo.”

One of the motivations behind La Petite Mort was to help to normalise that kind of discussion.

Unfortunately, Apple’s refusal to discuss this female stimulation simulation is representative of a wider issue. Jarnfelt says women have told him that they didn’t talk about things such as masturbation and female pleasure until they were well into their 20s.


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