Lucknow: Lucknow’s Tunday Kababi, which is renowned for its delicious mouth-watering kababs, has for the first time in its 118-years history has finally decided to add vegetarian dishes on its menu.

In order to rejoice some vegan taste buds, Tunday has decided to add a number of vegetarian options, including kababs, and other delicious veg. dishes on its menu.

Tundey Kebabi is one of the most popular kabab joints, which has been serving people for more than a century. It was started by the one-armed chef, late Haji Murad Ali ‘Tunday’ in Lucknow.

Named after the legendary, late Haji Murad Ali ‘Tunday’, the outlet has set up a separate kitchen with utensils, to serve the vegetarians, but will use all its old “secret” spices to make them equally delicious.

The experiment was initiated at its Kapoorthala outlet in Lucknow. Tunday Kababi has a chain of restaurants in Lucknow and other places.

Mohammad Rizwan, Ali’s grandson says, “For several years, we have been getting requests to develop a vegetarian menu, and now our patrons are happily welcoming it.”

Ali was a royal khansama from Bhopal whose mix of spices made the traditional galawati kebabs scale new heights of taste.

Tundey Kebabi’s new vegetarian menu will see kebabs made from – potato, ridged gourd (turai), yam (jimikand), chana dal, gram flour and the mouth-watering secret spices for veg galawati kababs. Besides, there is Begum Ki Pasand Daal, paneer dishes, vegetarian biryani and other vegetable options.