New Delhi: There must have been a time in history when one individual might have advocated the widespread installation of magic boxes by stating the fact that television will increase knowledge by rendering important information to its viewers. If we take the remote and push through some of the channels on our television right now, I am sure that you’ll find some channels which will provide you with some type of information that can be deemed useful for later. But in a world which now frantically searches for elements of entertainment in basically everything, it can be viably argued that television does affect our creative thinking and it slightly alters the capacity of our brain to produce our own ideas. For someone who thrives on technical activities that only requires the steps laden in books, television will seem like a great time to pass with. But for someone who’s willing to risk their ideas and transform the perceptions that are vibrant in the society, regular dose of television might not be a good habit to rely on.

If we weigh the pros and cons of watching television regularly, most of you may agree that television offers more advantages than disadvantages. Whether it’s about a person’s camaraderie, distraction from stresses, a good time pass, the numbers will always stack up. But we have to point out the disadvantages and carefully contemplate about them so that we know what kind of social soup we are putting our minds in. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the time and the resources to meticulously point out to you all the cons, so what I’ve accomplished is 6 mental traits and habits which shows that your creative thinking has been negatively impacted by television. Raise your hands if any of the below mention traits suits you.


1.      You love the way the guy or the girl says ‘I Love You’ in the movies

Seriously, everyone has to stop fantasizing about a partner who’ll try the unconventional to say the three words out loud. Whether the scene of the movie is set in the shambles of a slum or in the mountains of a beautiful hill station, there will always be these embellishments and trickles of added emotions in the story which will effectively make the dialogue much more romantic. It is the greatest fabrication of love which are woven by directors and passed on to each other. If you’re a really creative person, next time when a romantic scene comes up with the girl being lifted up by the guy, you’ll just say the words I always say—I can do better than that.


   2.  Reality TV shows is the truth, period

There is an unfathomable and ridiculous reality TV shows out there in the market, and the last thing we need is someone who really takes it seriously. Girls talking behind each other’s back and amateur chefs going out of their way to impress the judges are all fun to watch, but if you think that all this is true and the dramas and the tensions are absolutely real, then I’ve got quite a story for you. There are some very creative minds behind every successful television show, and for reality TV shows where they know we’ll be watching it every night before we go to bed, there are even better creative minds working behind the scene to ensure that we are unconsciously hooked. So if you think that these reality shows which are created by geniuses are absolutely genuine, then your creative mind has been already diluted to an extent.


3. Television is only for very famous people

True, there are some very famous people on television. If we see some of them on the street, we might just halt and step back to look at the individual for a while. Most of us associate fame with accomplishments, so when someone is really famous, we naturally incline ourselves to think that this person is really good at what he does and really creative at the same time. And for people who are somewhat renowned for their work but has not appeared on television shows and movies, we think that he isn’t really that important of a person and thus by doing that, we shorn the person of his capacity of being creative. If you want to be creative at what you do and if you think you’re finally perfect at what you do by simply making an appearance on television, then you’re creative thinking is somewhat limited and restricted too. Remember, there are lots of creative people out there who arduously maintain everything we currently rely on.


4.  You think you will never become the professionals you see on TV


No matter how expensive a budget of a TV show or how beautiful the actors are on the television, all these productions have something to do with our life and the world where we live in. And for a person who has his family in the ruins of his poisoned emotions, it is highly likely that he will covet the lifestyle of a family in a TV serial and be depressed if he is incapable of living it. You might see dancers and professional chefs on TV all the time, and if you’re a dancer struggling to bust the latest moves or a chef thinking of running the kitchen in a five star hotel, these shows sometimes makes you compare yourself with them. But if instead of being inspired by these individuals, if you choose to wallow in the grief of all the hard work you will have to do, then your creative mind is seriously being impacted by television. You’ll surprise yourself if you just do it instead of crying about it.


5. You associate every cat and every mouse with Tom & Jerry


I understand how deeply we were affected by the cartoon show where a cat incessantly chases a mouse just to find himself in the middle of all the chaos later. If we associate every bald fat guy with Simpson, every pink tiny dog with Courage, every nerdy little guy with orange hair to Dexter, we’ll never find something that is of our own creation. It might seem funny to you, but this point really goes deeper than that. We have this image in our mind that once an idea gains traction and becomes really famous by being inspired by an entity, that entity is no more of any creative value to us because it has been creatively copyrighted by someone else. Stuart little and the cat, the Family Guy, Phineas and Ferbs, are all popular TV shows which have been created with similar characters but really creative ideas.


6.   You believe everything that’s on the news

This is a point I must tell myself and to you also, we have to stop believing all the things that are said on news channels. Every different type of news channels are funded by third party members who make the channel a direct liaison between the party and the general public so that specific messages are conveyed to keep the public out of sight from the real news. If you study a problem and do enough researches from your own instead of listening to media persons being harangued by politicians, maybe you’ll come up with a creative solution on your own and maybe if you get the right platform to endorse it, you just might eradicate the problem. (I know it is not that easy, but sometimes big problems are solved by the most creative minds)


So, here it is. I have listed all the personal traits you possess that just might give out a slight hint that you are being heavily influenced by television. Personally, if you don’t bother about how television screws the bolts on your mind as a creative person, then I am no one to point it out to you. But if you’re a person who likes to think and who possesses a personal opinion of her own, maybe it’s time to watch the television shows with a little restraint. Don’t you agree?


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