Have you lately come across anyone who does not have his presence on social media platforms, primarily Facebook? Not really! Right? Well, that’s exactly the case. Many lives today are largely dependent on social media and they just want to share everything with the world. From a happy moment to a sad issue, from winning a trophy to grabbing an opportunity, from your tours to raise a social issue, there is almost nothing that is not shared on Facebook nowadays. 

Of late, we have realized that people even share news such as getting married or even about somebody’s death on social media to reach out to the maximum audience, especially who are there in their connections. But the issue arises when you post something with high expectations and you do not get desired results. Neither did you receive enough likes, nor the expected comments. What do you do now? Sulk? No, never do that. Just understand the psyche of the people in your list that why are they actually liking your post and it isn’t as hard as it may sound. Don’t believe us? Wait on! 

Scroll down to know simple reasons why people actually like your posts on Facebook. Well, it will certainly help you know their real sense.

The original likes!

Okay! So you have got married or achieved something big in life and you share the news with your friends and followers on Facebook. Your well-wishers present on your list will definitely like it. But mind you, only your well-wishers would like. If your ex-boyfriend likes it, be ready for a big bomb to be exploded on you! 

Likes in-return

So you liked a friend’s picture or status lately.  An unexpected like from the same person on your post will be a return gift for you. Just don’t be too excited or happy about it.

Kick a conversation

You have this person on your list, you have a crush on him/her but you guys have not talked for long! Liking your post or commenting on it is one simple way to break the ice. You will definitely be noticed by the publisher on it.

An influential like

You changed your profile picture to a latest picture of yours and within no time you start getting kick-ass response on that. This will influence others. No matter what it is; it is certainly difficult for people to ignore something that has over 100 likes or more than 50 comments. Isn’t it?

Likes in-favour

So one of your old friend or probably an acquaintance posted something on his/her wall but did not get any response. Would you not want to do a favour on them by just clicking a ‘thumbs up’ button? You have a big heart, you definitely would! People, next time, when you just get one like on your post, don’t forget to thank the person who did it.

Gentle Reminder

You have been staying far from your friends for long now. They post something on their Facebook wall and you like it. Well, a simple like would at least remind them of your for at least that moment or probably for long. Reconnection with old friends is probably all that they are aiming at that time. Isn’t it worth it?

Relate yourself

Your friend posted something on her wall. Her status or a quoted picture has something that you probably can relate to. The first reaction would be to like that particular post or comment on it. Don’t you experience this every now and then?

Likes in support

You post something that may need the attention of the people. For example, there is a personal view of someone related to anything that may be an actress, political issue, etc and you believe with that thought, you will surely like it or share your comments on it. However, it can also be vice-versa. People may also share their comments on your post if they disagree with your thought.

So next time, don’t be afraid to post something on Facebook. Just be careful with the reason you are getting response on it. It will help you in building good relations with people present on your list. Stay Calm, Stay Happy!

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