NEW DELHI: The national capital is one place people cannot skip talking about. Well, the reasons could differ from person to person and place to place. While we have come across several Indians who tag Delhi locals as ‘dilli waale’ or a ‘typical Delhiite’, it certainly becomes all the more important to understand what makes you a popular ‘Delhiite’. Here are 15 signs that exhibit that you are a true Delhiite.

You swear-by the street food

Out of 100 people you meet, 98 would be big time foodies, while the pending two would be on diet, we are sure. Street food is something people love to pledge for. From samosas to road-side ‘chikan’ momos, from a variety of gol-gappes to spicy ‘chow-meen’, there is nothing here that could be disassociated with a true blue Delhiite. Your cravings can be fulfilled anywhere in the city, and yes, at any given time.

Innovative abuses amuses you

Delhi is one place where one could hear abuses that actually never existed. The invention of these abuses could be credited to Delhiites and most of all, every statement begins and ends with it. Girls when abuse, get funny reactions, we still wonder why…

You frantically wait for winters

While summers give you a tough time here, monsoon offer traffic. Winters are something every Delhiite is eagerly waiting for. Mind you, the fashion statement in winters here is a must watch. Women, who are often spotted coughing and sneezing, forget it all when it comes to attend a wedding. Backless, tubes, sleeveless, nothing makes a difference on a cold windy night; they shall flaunt what they have.

Haggling is a born talent

One of the basic characteristics of a real Delhiite is exposed when you are out for shopping. Your haggling talent will not only surprise the person accompanying you, but can also shock the shopkeeper sometimes. You know it best how to give Rs. 200 that was told it was for Rs. 800 at markets like Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar etc.

Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken is all you need

Well, this is it! No meal is here complete without Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken when you head out at a restaurant. While Indian restaurant is mostly the choice, there are not many choices when you start opting from the 20 page menu. You would eventually end up on your favourite course of Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken accompanied by Butter naan.

Rickshaws and Metros are your lifeline

Well, you would not want to take even a five minute walk as you are largely dependent on local rickshaws (tri-cycle) for the same. No matter what the season is, no matter how crowded it is.

Common Dialogues: Do you know who am I?

Brawls are common in Delhi. A pub brawl, road-rage, police encounters etc. Even though the place and type of fight may differ, what remain common are the dialogues. Some of the most heard statements of the ‘influential’ people include: ‘Do you know who am I’, ‘ I’ll see you outside this place’, ‘You do know what I can do to you’,  ‘Haan bhai, aaja 5 log lekar (Bro, come where along with five more)’.

Style/Fashion is what you cannot live without

Ever wondered how people (not from Delhi) would find you when you are dressed up like a party queen at a coffee shop? No! Right? Precisely the thing! Delhi women simply do not bother about the occasion or the place. If they have to be dressed up, they shall. High heels, red lipstick, big polished nails and absolutely fake accent, is what will describe them when they are NOT dressed according to the place and time.

You love everything Punjabi, even if you are not one

One of the most common practices of a typical Delhiite is to love everything Punjabi, even though you are not one. People from different backgrounds in Delhi have this thing is common, they love Punjabi songs, even if they do not understand, they love Punjabi food, no matter how spicy it is, they love the ‘Punjabi language’, even if they don’t understand a word of it.

Most irritating statements are your favourite

You know you are true Delhi-ite when some of the most irritating statements are something that you often use. When you are tagged as ‘fat’, the immediate response is, ‘khaate peete khaandan se hu mai’ (I belong to a well-to-do family). Dude, it seems that the other person is under nourished and is starving in his/her life. Please, stop hiding under the sad statement and shed out some extra calories bulfing out from your body. 

Secondly, ‘dilli dilwaalon ki’ is something all Delhiites are proud of. But how many would actually come forward and help you out when you are in trouble. Please let’s not even count your ‘friends’ here… ‘Friends forever’…