NEW DELHI: Maggi has been a savior for all generations. It’s your favourite snack not only as a kid but even as a college-going youth. In fact, people in offices as well have their keen interest in the quick snack.

But the shocking news of Maggi containing harmful chemicals including MSG and lead in an excessive amount broke many hearts. Almost everyone was speechless after the world woke up to the news of Delhi and other state governments banning the 2-minute noodles for at least 15 days.(Also Read: 8 reasons you should not eat Maggi)

Amid the entire hue and cry surrounding Maggi manufacturer Nestle, we were thinking about more such products that are equal poisonous for our health. Let’s list down at least five of them.

Aerated Drinks

Are we really unaware about the harmful effects of aerated drinks such as ‘Coke’ or we are just turning blind towards it? Several pressure groups some years ago had claimed that cold drinks contain pesticides and also said that other ingredients used in it are equally unsafe. In spite of major protest, the companies still manufacture the drinks and people consume them without any limit. Well, if the case once again falls into the banning category, it is likely to run similar to Maggi as several celebrities have endorsed these aerated drinks as well.


Even a school going kid knows about the harmful effects of smoking, but sadly, we actually see those kids only adapting to the bad habit. What adds to the misery is that these smokes are sold to minors which definitely is illegal. Besides this, nothing productive has been seen in spite of banning smoking at public places. Recently, government banned the sale of loose cigarette in Maharashtra with an aim to control the menace. But we wonder how much difference it would make!

Nestle Milk Powder

After the raging Maggi controversy, another product from Nestle has been trapped in storm. A milk powder used by many for infants is found to be infected with larvae. Even though the investigations are on and no ban is announced yet, it is expected to be banned anytime soon in India or at least in some parts of the country.(Also read: After Maggi controversy, another product from Nestle for infants found to be infected with live larvae)

Roadside Dimsums (Momos)

Well, this is definitely another favourite snack for each one of us; especially the one that you get next to your office or home. But did you know that it is extremely harmful for our health? While the vegetarian dimsums available roadside are loaded with cabbage, the non-vegetarian are enhanced with minced meat. However, some reports suggest that the chicken used in these dimsums does not contain the healthy portions but the waste of the chicken which is available at a cheaper cost. Some reports even suggest that vendors are frequently using pork under the label of chicken as that as well is available at a lesser cost. Thus, to keep the prices low, the vendors usually use this waste and accompany it with the paste. Also, the cabbage used is sometimes infected with cabbage worms which are not easy to be spotted. It gets mixed when it is minced to make the filling. These worms often attack our stomach as well as brain.

Paan masala

An advertisement to stop the tobacco use is extremely common in movie theatres. It is no hidden fact that several deaths have occurred due to its consumption but we have seen several celebrities endorsing these brands too. A ban is needed but unexpected at least in the near future.

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