New Delhi: Most of the people who have been left estranged in a thriving relationship that suddenly went wrong feel that getting back into a relationship with their partner will spell the end of their problems. However, as it turns out, at the end of the day, it just intensifies the gravity of the problems in your life.

According to a recent psychological study, the rate of successful relationships depends upon the kind of conception the individual partners have about themselves. The independence of a person strikes a balance with how much he relies on his or her partner. Independence nurtures self-belief, self-reliance, and self-esteem, which in turn results in the person feeling better about him or herself.

So, when an individual whose perception of oneself is mostly negative leaves the relationship, he feels that his inadequacy has spelled the doom of his love life, pushing him to the brink of despondency. In that condition, if the other individual in the relationship accepts him, it leads to the same cycle of problem all over again. Whether the love quotient is in the relationship or not, the partner’s perception about themselves will heavily influence the outcome of the relationship.

In finality, it is always wise to spend time apart and work on yourself before imagining a perfect world together with your partner.

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