NEW DELHI: Delhi University (DU) has already opened its gate for admissions for 2015 and as the figures show, at least 21, 000 forms were sold on the very first day for the registrations. Total registration, including both online and offline had actually crossed 2 lakh with over 1 lakh already depositing fee. 

As students gear up for the fresh session at DU, it certainly is the time to switch to the flashback mode. Aren’t your siblings, cousins, friends who will soon hit the first day of college making you nostalgic you obsessive ‘DU’ites? Well, let’s walk down the memory lane and go through what all we did being a proud member of Delhi University. Here is what stamps a person being a Delhi University pass-out. Roll down…

Preparations for annual fest are stronger than exams

Exams and annual fest, both are an integral part of any college. But the most common factor amongst all students of the DU colleges is that the preparations for annual fest are much higher than the exams. While you start gearing up for the fest almost six months in advance, exams preparations start six days prior to the date. However, ‘collective effort’ is one factor that lies common in these two things.

When attendance is more important than assignments

Your assignments may not save you as much as your attendance. You exactly understand the meaning of ‘proxy’ when you are a part of a Delhi University. Marking proxy attendance for friends is an unwritten rule for Delhi University students. 

When word ‘Pilani’ makes you nostalgic

Okay, so your heart must have skipped a beat reading this point. Isn’t it? The annual fest at BITS, Pilani (Rajasthan) is something many fight for. A dream for all DU students, BITS is something that DU pass-outs can ever disassociate themselves with. The fashion shows, the dance competitions, celebrity performances, rock shows, accompanied by sleepless nights and skimpy clothes in cold weather are some factors that make students go gaga about it. But trust me, firsthand account, it’s worth it!

Maggi is all you want to have

In spite of a variety of dishes available at your cafeteria, oops… Canteen… You want your ‘canteen waale bhaiya’ to make that delicious Maggi for you. For people who have studied in North Campus, Tom Uncle is their backbone serving never-tasted before Maggi. But we wonder what kids will do now as Government has already said good bye to your favourite 2-minute noodle guys?

Public Transport including Metro, Rickshaws and Autos are your best friend

You have definitely been a part of Delhi University if you have a soft corner for public transport like Delhi Metro, Rickshaws, electric rickshaw and autos. You have been closely associated with them for those three years of life. Isn’t it? In fact, some even got their autos and rickshaw waale bhaiyas fixed for everyday commuting.

When Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar is what you talk about when you think of shopping

Girls love to talk about this for sure. Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar are still your favourite spots to shop when it comes to budget shopping and yes, bargaining is your hidden talent. Staying in latest fashion is of utmost priority of any person passed out from Delhi University, be it a girl or boy. You cannot digest the fact that your friend looked better than you in any way even today.

Obsessed with fresher parties 

Fresher party is something each one awaits. Even as a pass-out, or a drop-out for that matter, you don’t mind attending this. Of course, students especially fresher dressed up in full party clothes are actually worthy enough to see. But watch out, it even opens up your chances for being ragged by seniors. 

When you suddenly find a lot of people as your friends just ahead of elections

This is one of the biggest familiarities of every person who passed out from Delhi University. You have actually experienced random people becoming your friends just before elections. Smile exchange, hands shake, sweet gestures are common practices in DU ahead of DU elections and individual college elections. 

Farewell parties make you sob

Okay, this is the toughest moment. If you have cried your heart out on the last day of your college, you definitely have studied in Delhi University. 

When you enjoyed dancing on the dhol and DJ after an electoral win

Students who would know nothing about these elections and did not even vote would actually be seen dancing on the big beats of DJ and Dhol after one bags an electoral position. And the story turns vice-versa at this time. Now, all students would want to be best friends with the person in ‘demand’.

Dinner worth Rs. 500 is equivalent to a five-star treat

So five of you went for a dinner fun and the bill was around Rs. 2, 500 in total costing each one Rs. 500. Wooooo. Well, that was a big amount then and you felt as if you had a dinner at some five-star hotel. Isn’t it? After all, it went well with another basic trait of Delhi University students that no matter what month of the year it is, you were always broke. 

You are multitalented when it comes to ‘jugaad’

Shortcuts meant everything when you studied at Delhi University. From proxy to be a part of any society, everything as a student of DU is done by ‘jugaad’ which becomes your favourite word.

Well, each one of us boasts of a bag of memories that we took back from Delhi University and undoubtedly, ‘those were actually the best days of our life’.  

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