New Delhi: Diwali is one of the most important and widely celebrated festivals in the Indian diaspora. It is not just the festival of lights but also sweets and snacks. 
So celebrate this Diwali in a healthy way and avoid these 5 mistakes that people make during the festive season.
1. Skipping meals
The most common mistake we tend to make during festive season is that we attend get-togethers and parties on empty stomach so that we can binge-eat later. This can be the reason for weight gain and low immunity.
2. Skipping Fruits
Make sure you don’t avoid your daily consumption of fruits. Sugar and Maida in the sweets can make you constipated or can even upset your stomach.
3. Sipping cold drinks
Make sure that you drink water regularly as sipping cold fizzy drinks can make you dehydrated.
4. Avoid reusing oil
This season, avoid fried sweets and go for baked or steamed sweets. If you can’t bake, be careful about purchasing sweets from the market as most of them are fried in reused oil.
5. Not having control on alcohol consumption
Avoid having cocktails as they may dehydrate you. Opt for beer as it is less dehydrating.