New Delhi: With Diwali right around the corner, people are busy making the best out of the season of festivities. Diwali is not just considered as the festival of lights, but is also considered as a prosperous festival due to the offerings made to Goddess Lakshmi on this day.
On the day of Dhanteras and Diwali, actions such as charity, pooja, service are believed to bring prosperity, due to which these days are believed to bring positive effect on one’s life if you go about it in the right way.
So, here are a few Vastu tips which, if you follow, are certain to bring prosperity and gains in your life:
1) Special attention to north-eastern area or Ishaan Kona:
In order to ensure economic stability, make sure to keep the north-eastern area (Ishaan Kona) of your house clean and open. 
A steel container is believed to be kept in the north-eastern direction of the house to have a prosperous life. Make sure you change the water every week.
Any kind of clutter in the north-eastern area is believed to hinder the free flow of wealth. So make sure to keep it clean.
Keeping light-weight plants between eastern and northern directions are believed to bring economic gains and prosperity.
2) What not to do in the south-Western zone of your house:
One should not get borewell or pits dug in the south-western zone and southern direction. In fact, borewells in north-eastern zones are believed to bring good fortune.
3) Central Zone should be given central attention: 
One can experience good financial gains by keeping the central zone of the house clean and open.
4) Placement of clocks and mirrors: 
The clocks and mirrors should be placed either on the northern or on the eastern walls.
5) Main door of your residence:
It is believed that if you paint a 9-inch Swastik on the main door of your house, it destroys all the economic obstacles and difficulties.
6) Diyas do not just light the place, but can light your lives as well: 
After Lakshmi pooja, make sure to place diyas in the north, north-eastern and central zones, in order to generate wealth, prosperity and fortune.
If you can follow these tips, then we are sure this Diwali will turn out to be much more special for you.