New Delhi: According to the Hindu mythology, Dhanteras is one of the most important Hindu religious festivals that is celebrated two days before Diwali in the month of Kartik.
This festival is also known as Dhanatrayodashi. Dhanteras also marks Tihar festival in Nepal. The word Dhanteras comprises of two words ‘Dhan’ which means wealth and ‘teras’ means thirteenth cycle of moon.
This year Dhanteras will be celebrated on October 28. On this day people worship Goddess Lakshmi who is the Goddess of wealth. This festival is believed to be auspicious for buying metals like gold and silver, and that doing so will bring prosperity and good luck for the entire family and their business ventures.
Dhanteras Celebrations:
Dhanteras is celebrated differently across the country. In the rural areas of North India the farmers worship their cattle as it is the main source of their income. In the southern part of the country people show reverence to cows, because they are known as the incarnation of goddess Lakshmi.
Dhanteras Puja:
Devotees perform Lakshmi Puja on this day. In the evening they sing songs and worship to please Goddess Lakshmi. Diyas are lit to keep away the evil. Grains like wheat, urad dal, moong dal, gram, barley and masoor dal are used while performing puja. A tradition known as Yamadeepdan, people worship Lord Yama by lighting lamps for the entire night.
Timings of Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras:
Dhanteras Puja Muhurat: 5:35 pm – 6:20 pm Pradosh kaal: 5:35 pm – 8:21 pm
Trayodashi Tithi starts at 4:15 pm on October 27 Trayodashi Tithi ends at 6:20 pm on October 28

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