New Delhi: Whenever you are going to purchase Gold or gold jewelry, the very first thing that he should ensure is the purity of Gold. Here’s a list of tests you can follow it to check gold is real or not.

1. Bite Test

We have all seen a movie where a prospector bites down on a piece of gold to test it. We also see Olympic athletes bite on their “gold” medal when they receive it. You can also try that.

2. Visual Inspection

First thing to check if you have real gold is to look at it. Look for particular signs that point to real gold.

3. Magnet Test

This is an easy test, but it’s not an all-encompassing or fool-proof way to determine whether your gold is real. Something as weak as a fridge magnet will not be useful, but stronger magnets that you can find in specialized hardware stores or in common objects such as women’s purse latches, children’s toys, or even in old unused hard drives will be strong enough to perform this test.

4. Ceramic Plate Test

This is an easy way to tell if your gold is fool’s gold. Bear in mind that your item may end up scratched.

5. Density Test

There are very few metals denser than gold. The density of pure 24K gold is about 19.3 g/ml, which is much higher than most other metals. Measuring the density of your items can help you determine if your gold is real. As a rule of thumb, the higher the density, the purer the gold. Make sure to perform the density test on gold.