A relationship cannot remain as lively as it started forever. We have often come across relationships where we see that it started off excellently but did not last well. There is always a reason for it. 

While it may differ from person to person, in most of the cases, it is seen that it happens usually because one of the persons in a relationship is afraid of commitment. But what stops them from a commitment? Is it the insecurity of losing your identity? Or it is something related to your own thoughts? Let’s take a look on 10 most common reasons people often avoid commitment and prefer an ‘open-relationship’.

Past break-ups

If a person has been committed and hurt in the past, he/she is unlikely to give you a commitment fearing to go through that phase again. We cannot blame them as it is a human nature to stay away from things that are likely to hurt us.

You are an ‘independence freak’

Commitment is certainly not meant for you if you have a habit of living your life independently. A committed relationship may sound good to your ears but it definitely demands compromise and patience which might at times turn into loss of your independence. All night boozing and three weeks holiday with friends definitely does not go too well with partners.

Sad experiences

If a person has seen his parents suffering through separation, it is a common thing for them to avoid making commitment in life. Fearing that a similar thing can haunt them in future, they usually stay away from any ‘committed relationship’.

It’s not the right time

Well, if you feel so, let us tell you, you will never know when actually the right time is. You are busy chasing your dreams, after getting a degree in your favorite college or after grabbing a job opportunity you always a dreamt of… you will never know when the right time is to be settled because all that you have thought about is something way different than this.

You love your singlehood

You will definitely shy away from commitment when you are too obsessed with yourself. You space, your life, your identity, your time, is all that matters to you. When there is no room for anyone else, there is no room for commitment. 

When you are not sure of feelings

This might sound strange, but this definitely happens in today’s time. Remember what Rishi Kapoor said in movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’? “Aajkal log kiss pehle karte hain aur naam baad mei poochte hain (People today kiss first and then ask the partner’s name)! This is exactly the case! You get into a relationship too fast without knowing if this is exactly what you want. But later, you want to buy time as you are unsure of your feelings. Out of 10, you might have 8 reasons with you to stay with a person, but when it comes to commitment, you cannot let go those two reasons certainly.

To keep options open

Well, thanks to Hollywood or probably cheesy magazines that the idea of a ‘perfect partner’ does not exist anymore. Obviously, you will close doors for your wild fantasies towards other men or women if you are committed to one. Therefore, people who want to live freely with a number of ‘friends with benefits’ concept usually end up with no commitment.

You are not in love anymore

One of the basic reasons you avoid commitment is that you have fallen out of love for your partner. Because they lack communication skills to actually address the issue or are not sure of how to explain you, they may just avoid a commitment in their relationship.

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