Geneva: Ever imagined having the pleasure of oral sex while sipping your coffee? If no, then here is the place where you can get best of both. A coffee shop is all set to open in Switzerland which is going to provide its customers with oral sex while they enjoy their coffee.

What’s different is that instead of prostitutes, the cafe is planning to use robots for the sensual act. The idea before was to let the men choose the prostitutes on an iPad after ordering their coffee. However, as the permission for it is still pending, the cafe has decided to use sex robots instead of prostitutes.

The outlet is expected to be opened in Geneva by the end of 2016.

The coffee here would be the most expensive available at a steep price of 60 Francs, as it comes along with a great perk for men.

It is estimated that 6-8 robots would be bought by the café, to provide their customers a pleasurable sex act.