New Delhi: The Chai wallas have been creating a buzz with their success stories.  In a first, it’s a chai walli. Uppma Virdi has made it big after receiving the Businesswoman of the Year by the 2016 Indian Australian Business and Community Awards (IABCA) in Sydney last week.

For a full time lawyer by profession, Uppma pursued selling tea to quench her thirst for a prefect ‘chai’ in Australia.

“In the Indian culture people come together through tea. Whether it’s a happy occasion or a difficult moment, tea is all pervasive. I tried, but couldn’t find many good tea places in Australia,” Uppma told SBS.

Selling tea in Melbourne, is a hard task, since Australians prefers coffee over tea.

“Interest in tea is growing in Australia as more and more people are seeking alternatives to coffee. It was coincidentally the right time for me,” she was quoted as saying after the event. “My real aim is to educate the Australian society about the Indians culture through tea,” she added.

Uppama comes from a family in Chandigarh and has learnt the art of tea making from her grandmother who was an Ayurvedic doctor. Practise and hard work made Uppama a master of tea blending.

Chai Walli is a dedicated online store for retail purchase worldwide along with a wholesale division, which supplies the Indian tea blend to gourmet supermarkets, food stores, cafes, restaurants and yoga centres.

As Uppma still holds her day job as a lawyer, she has certainly set an example for those who struggle to find the perfect balance between their career and their passions.