New Delhi: The Government’s vaunted demonetisation drive has taken the wind out of the country’s economy and there’s hardly a person who hasn’t been affected by it. Naturally, it was expected that the wedding season that’s round the corner would be without its trademark exuberance and extravagance. But reality has proved to be otherwise, with people still splurging wantonly on weddings, thus proving that ‘cash-crunch’ is a word that only the common man and the poor are familiar with.

No fall in number of weddings; unfettered extravagance continues

Indian weddings are nothing without a lot of pomp and show, be it the unworldly and unwieldy attires or the never-ending spread that’s enough to feed an army. On contacting various wedding attire designers in the national capital region, we found out that instead of witnessing a fall in sale figures, majority of businesses have actually surpassed last year’s earnings already.

There also aren’t any reports which suggest that the sheer number of weddings that were to take place this winter have taken a hit because of the currency move. “Booking is done way in advance, in some cases even a year ahead of the wedding, and a majority of the payment is furnished at that point,” informed a Noida-based wedding venue manager.

Rules, norms… who cares?

Rules and regulations continue to be brazenly flouted as well. Be it the Supreme Court’s latest order banning fireworks, the decibel limit regulations or the 11PM deadline pertaining to music, all of these mandatory requisites are reduced to mere nothings, time and again. “How can we do anything till there is no order for action from superiors, yaha toh aise hi hota hai,” rued a sub-inspector who did not want to be named. He, thus, directly put the onus on his superiors, leaving one to speculate the underlying reason for this inaction.

But there’s a silver lining to this gloom. Recognising these lavish marriages to be one of the prime factors behind the menace of drunken driving, the Delhi Traffic Police has been able to successfully mobilise a drive to curb it. The police have set up a close-knit web or check-posts around areas hosting these wedding venues, so that any unruly behaviour can be nipped in the bud.

In a nutshell, unfazed by all the drama that ensued post November 8, the national capital region seems bent on upholding the glorious tradition of grooving to the same song and dance, gleefully embracing all its thrills and spills.