Nothing is as pleasant as a relaxed mind and as beautiful as a healthy body. From ages, yoga has always mesmerized everyone with its miraculous healing power. No ailment has been left uncured through yoga. The power of yoga has even coerced west to follow it blindly. It is incredible to see that how folding your body into different shapes, not only provides you with mental peace and tranquility but also a healthier and ‘less-prone-to-ailments’ body. 

Celebrities like Baba Ramdev and Shilpa Shetty have grabbed many eyeballs and enough attention to explain the relevance and credentials of yoga to the entire world! Recently, on International Yoga Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi too emphasized on the importance of yoga. 

Let’s read some magical effects of yoga on several vandalizing diseases and problems like obesity, cancer, diabetes and blood pressure….

Yoga and Obesity

Are you ashamed of those oodles of weight peeping from the sides of your dress? Embarrassed of inches of flab hanging from your waist? These are some alluring questions that scratch the inquisitive side of any stout person! These questions in advertisements of Fat loss Products are designed to catch the bouncing eagerness of any chubby customer to commit him to these products. But before committing yourself to these products, have a thought that you can have your ‘dream physique’ in a much simpler way, and that is, YOGA! If you plan to make yoga your primary form of exercise, you must do a vigorous 90-minute yoga class at least three times a week. 

Many people also choose to combine yoga with running, walking or other aerobic exercise in order to reach their weight loss goals. Paschimottanasana Ardhakapotasana Trikonasana Uttanasana Ardhasarvangasana Virabhadrasana are some useful asanas to shed that extra flab.

Yoga and Cancer

Scared of Chemotherapy, radiation treatment, Immunotherapy? Are these terms boggling over your mind and giving you those Goosebumps? Here’s a simple treatment to answer your CANCER- YOGA! For cancer recovery, try gentle yoga, yoga therapy, restorative yoga, yoga for healing, and yoga for beginners. The physical postures help in stimulating and balancing the systems of the body. Yoga, the most effortless breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques can go a long way in helping the patient deal with the precarious disease! They can also be of significant help in dealing with the anxiety of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Adequate Exercise of the Arms can help preventing breast cancer. Circling the arms from the shoulder, shrugging the shoulders and other exercises that specifically stimulate the muscles and circulation around the lymphatic glands under the arms. These Yoga exercises should be considered a daily discipline and take only a few minutes. The therapies and treatments for cancer may zap up your strength and may shake your confidence, but yoga not only provides a platform for mental peace but also strength to fight the after effects of grueling treatments!

Yoga and Blood Pressure

Pacing through our dynamic life, juggling with our responsibilities, duties and tasks, Urbanites often catch hold of this ailment called BLOOD PRESSURE. This can be a dreadful problem if left unheard. Blood pressure can arrest even those with sedentary and relaxed lifestyle. So, one should be active too, to avoid the health hazard. Blood pressure can end into a heart attack or even a brain hemorrhage. Several yoga asanas like meditation is of great help as it relaxes the mind and the soul, for a while it takes you out of all worldly miseries and tensions. Sukhasana (easy pose) is one of the classic Meditative Poses and is usually performed after doing the Corpse Pose. The Easy Pose helps in straightening the spine, slowing down metabolism, promoting inner tranquility, and keeping your mind still. Shoulder Stretches are great in relieving stress and tension on your shoulders, as well as your entire upper back. Practice them daily for several weeks and notice the changes. 

Yoga and Diabetes

Diabetes is the most aggressively spreading ailment among Indians. It has now become a subject of worry for the health experts. Diabetes is not completely curable but, it is controllable to a great extent. Several yoga asanas have emerged as a boon for diabetes patients. Through yoga even extreme and serious cases have been controlled. 

Practice of meditation is especially useful in management of stress. Relaxed and Concentrated state of mind is the aim of any form of meditation which creates calming effect on nervous system, brings balance in the nervous system. Initially meditation may be difficult, and one can practice Omkar Chanting, concentration on breathing. 

For diabetes, concentration on pancreas during the meditation practice has shown positive effects on sugar levels. Vajrasana Yoga Mudra, Pavan Muktasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Matsyasana are some of the recommended asanas for diabetics, as these help in keeping a good check on insulin levels.

Yoga has undoubtedly proved out to be an ultimate answer to so many health problems. With its innumerable followers, the faith in yoga is still augmenting, and paving a path for us for a healthy and a happy life! Hats off to yoga power that has cured and relieved many patients all over the world….