As days pass in the month of love (February) to celebrate the biggest festival of expressing emotions to your loved ones, it is equally important to look your best to complement each other on Valentine’s day.

There are several things that we can improve to enhance our appearance.

Basically, we are talking here about taking care of a few things that can bring out our inner beauty and help us appear more rejuvenated and healthy:

Stress, please give that up — Nothing makes ones appearance dull than a shadow of stress from one’s inner face, basically displays that you are nervous and unhappy and it’s a big deal. So in order to overcome that try to release it by spending time in exercise and meditation or breathing exercise. Exercising helps to release the love hormone oxytocin and serotonin both, you need it for your Valentine’s Day.

Water, not just only a life source but a natural beauty resource — Water has multiple benefits of transferring the nutrients, removing toxins, helping conditions to be alkaline. Keep the skin hydrated and it will appear more plump and less wrinkled it is the most essential component of nutrition.

Sleep before you fall asleep on your date — Good sleep is important as it relaxes the system, also when having sound sleep body releases serotonin. It decreases mood swing, depression, anxiety and increases feeling of bliss and happiness. If you are healthy and happy from inside it will show on your skin.

As it has been mentioned like a million times, please exercise — Exercise produces endorphins (the hormones that make you feel good) and subsequently, helps reduce your stress levels. Stress reduction and endorphins help decrease cortisol and other skin problems, hormones that occur naturally when you are under stress.

Good Nutrition, well that’s what makes us intelligent and strong — Proteins in your daily dietary intake is a must to nourish body cells and everything that our body is composed off. One should have high biological value protein such as milk, yogurt, eggs, meat, chicken, fish and beans in each meal, to accomplish the protein needs of our body. 

(With inputs from IANS)