If you think your spouse is not watching Netflix shows in your absence, you are wrong. 46% Indian couples — second only to Hong Kong — cheat on their significant other by binging ahead to watch Netflix shows, a new survey has revealed.

Surprisingly, 39% streaming couples in India even said watching 2-3 episodes ahead would be a reason for a breakup.

Conducted by the online survey firm SurveyMonkey and involving 30,267 responses for on-demand streaming website Netflix, the report defines cheating as watching a TV show ahead of your significant other.

“In India where 79% couples believe that streaming is a way to spend time together, almost 60% of couples consider binging ahead as cheating and nearly half have even admitted to this ‘offence,'” the findings showed.

The Indian culture has a reserved place for humour. So unsurprisingly, 61% of the couples cheat on comedy shows — higher than the global average of 44%.

“A third or more of Indian respondents have watched ahead on every other genre polled, including documentaries, sci-fi, fantasy, drama and horror,” the study noted.

Netflix cheating in India is not intentional as 78% of cheating is unplanned. It is the temptation that makes Indian couples fallible.

43% of Indians ‘cheat’ out of ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) so that they could keep up with conversations with friends and co-workers.

Cheating on your partner even when you share a room requires special skills. 42% Indians said that when one partner falls asleep, they secretly watch Netflix shows.

But some relationship rules are bizarre. A quarter of Indians said that a partner who falls asleep deserves to be cheated on.

Hong Kong has 59% of cheaters in Asia followed by 46% in India. Globally, the Netherlands has the most loyal viewers at 73%.