With the boys in our life being so predictable, it’s a cakewalk in figuring out from the personalities of the men as to how they would turn out to be. Mostly disappointing! However, as the most famous adage says, “Exceptions are always there”, it  becomes one of the sole purposes behind our ideologies in wanting us to believe in some of them and pray for our lives for them to be suitable enough for nothing more but a good date, at least.

All of us would have been in such inevitable situations where either you wanted to get rid of the person immediately or you felt like marrying him already.

Therefore, here is a list of “10 types of men every girl would have been on a date with” starting right from the man you have always dreamt of to the man you would never want to go on a date with even in your worst nightmares.


  • The Sophisticated one- This is the good looking man with a good dressing sense, who smells good and looks you right in your eyes while talking, making the conversation all the more interesting. This is where sophistication plays a big role in turning on women. So, boys start taking notes already.



  • The creepy one– Stares you from top to bottom and then doesn’t even make an eye contact while communicating to you because obviously he would be busy staring places which might be a little inappropriate for all those stares. Also, because they belong only to you. This one never fails to give you all those nasty looks, which would almost be equivalent to harassing someone through eyes. Moreover, this is the guy whose head you would want to smash off with a bottle of beer. Probably the only moment where you would be willing to waste an entire bottle of beer.



  • The one who boasts off- This one never gets tired of boasting about the luxury cars and the private resorts he owns. Little does he realize that he has been boasting about something that his dad blessed him with, which is true technically in 90 per cent of the cases. Therefore, if the guy wants the girl to get turned on by all of his boasting session, then getting down to more technicalities, she should probably date his dad and his endless cash supply and not his spoilt brat.



  • The one who looks good but talks shit- The perfectly carved human body into that muscular or lean built of his surely turned you on until he opened his mouth to say “Haallo, how’z you and is everything kewl?” Yes, I feel you, ladies! This is where true disappointment lies, shattering your little heart into tiny pieces. Also, calling out ‘Bhaiya’ over ‘Excuse me’ just cuts off every vibe that could have been built.



  • The nerd- His life basically revolves around how many nerves are present in a human body and how all of it functions without realizing the fact that he might as well be getting on the nerves of the lady he is out on a date with. Well, spare her the horror, you boy!



  • The overly romantic- The one who leaves no stones unturned when it comes to PDA and other nonsensical things that would be considered as too indecent for a woman, which could also make her feel uncomfortable at times. Most of the times, precisely. This is another man where we do not mind wasting another bottle of beer, which could be put to use in a very efficient way. Yes, to kill him and get rid of him than to drink it and get high.



  • The rich one who is always down for the bills- Starting right from the bill of mere 50 bucks to 5000 bucks, this man would be down for the bills regardless of how high the digits would be. Blame it on the rich family he belongs to or his nature of spending money blindly; he is just down for it. True happiness must lie for you ladies where you never get to pay, which means you could be saving on some good pocket money out there.



  • The one who is broke– Contradicting the above point in all ways possible, this one does everything to disappoint his woman. Not that guys have to always pay the bills but what we want him is to at least manage everything on the first date because it shows his interest towards a woman and somewhere down the line it becomes legit cute too. Otherwise, splitting the bill could be the secondary option but to your utmost disappointment, this guy believes in enjoying the food and the drinks and then believes in putting the bill on you. Not once, not twice but every time you see him, thus alienating the chance of further meets.



  • The Prince Charming- Right from a good sense of style to the way he communicates to the way he treats you and handles your tantrums, this guy seems like the one sent by God himself for you. Solely you! This is the man you have had good dreams about where you probably think of your wedding day with him and then imagine your kids walking around you two. Quite an exaggeration but turns out to be true somewhere deep in that mind of women that loves to dream.



  • The Grammar Nazi- The perfect grammar is what his first and probably the last concern would ever be. He doesn’t care about how handsome a woman is but he definitely cares about how beautiful a woman is. Only if you get the hint! He would prefer to talk about how vowels like ‘a’, an’, the’ can be put to better use than talk about how the world and people in it were created. By now, we have wasted two bottles of beer already, so even though if you would want to smash another one on his head, you must resort to understanding how vowels can be used in the most efficient way making you look like a little modest and a sophisticated woman with utmost patience . After all, some learning over dates does no harm, ladies!