Several times, making sure that you keep up to your diet chart isn’t too appealing. Right? So how about satisfying your taste buds this Junk Food Day? After all, the day is all about fulfilling your craving to eat greasy, sweet and food full of calories.

Even though it is not officially a holiday, but did you know that every July 21st is a big reason for people to quit their ‘healthy diet’ for a day as people across the globe celebrate Junk Food Day? They plan up a day devoted to hamburgers, candies, and pizzas without hesitation.

The best way to celebrate this day is to satisfy your food craving even if it is for junk food or in other words, no so healthy bites. From chocolates to candies, from cakes to milkshakes, from ice creams to lollipops, enjoy everything today without any guilt.

But yes, don’t forget to share baskets full of junk like chips, candies, cokes, chocolates etc. with friends and neighbours.

Happy Junk Food Day!

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