The road of fitness is the road that is often less travelled and the most abandoned. Fitness might not be an integral part of everybody’s lives but then some amazing fitness influencers come to your rescue to make it an essential part of your lives to achieve goals that would make you proud of yourself.

Getting fit and achieving body goals is no cakewalk but then who likes it easy, anyway? Except for some lethargic people existing in our community who know how to wish for things but do not feel the need to work for it. But for those who do want to work for it, we have got you covered.

While it seems like there are a million and one fitness influencers these days, there are a handful that stand out from the crowd. Therefore, here we have got a list of ‘Top 10 fitness influencers from the world around’ to make your lazy bums get into working already. So grab your smart phones or your laptops along with some good cup of coffee & popcorns and get scrolling!


  • Anllela Sagra- Anlella with her amazingly toned up body has been topping the charts of fitness since forever. She is a Colombian fitness model and 1 Up Nutrition & B.E. Athlete. With some 9 million followers over Instagram, she has been inspiring people all around the world. She enrolled in a fitness competition in which she came in 3rd place and it’s been almost 4 years since she embarked on this journey. She also has her own website and a portal where she provides customised diet plans, transformation tips and workout regimes that could help other people have the body they desire. Or in other words, have the body that Anllela has because she has anyway set major body goals for all the people out there!




  • Whitney Simmons- She is another Gymshark from US who loves lifting heavy and also runs her YouTube channel by the name ‘Whitney Simmons’ where she posts workout videos for the entire body, posts hauls on gym wears and influences people with her eccentric diet plans. She is also Instagram famous with good 843k followers and keeps updating it with her jaw-dropping workout videos which are influential enough to make a lazy ass to work up.



  • Navpreet Banga- Our Indian fitness enthusiast, Navpreet has left no stones unturned for the Indian women to prove that foreigners are not the only ones to have fit bodies. She loves to call herself ‘Sherni’ because she believes that she is fierce and unstoppable like a lioness. She is an actor, a Youtuber and a Podcaster. She has immense following on Instagram where she posts pictures and videos of her workouts, her daily routine and funny videos to keep her fans entertained and motivated enough. She is a true inspiration for all the ladies who wants to have a toned figure and wants to lead a healthy life.



  • Pamela Reif- This 20-yrs-old is one of Germany’s most influential social media personalities and loves to motivate and inspire people all over the world. With a community of 3 million followers on Instagram, this woman has indulged herself into blogging, youtubing and also handles her personal website which has all the fitness, beauty and travel blogs to keep her fans up to date in every aspect possible. Pamela also launched her self-written book ‘Strong & Beautiful’ which includes information about what kind of body types there are, how to eat healthy, how to keep and achieve goals and how to stop looking for excuses all the time and how important regeneration is.



  • Amanda Cerny- Cerny is not particularly a fitness influencer but her extremely toned figure gives us major body goals. However, she is an actress, a director and believes herself to be the queen of her own fantasy. She has a major following worldwide, both on Instagram and Youtube with followers in millions. When you amalgamate cuteness with hotness with that drool worthy abs and toned biceps, you get Amanda Cerny as the final output. Yes, that is how perfect she is. Besides that she makes funny videos and loves to make people smile. Who wouldn’t anyway smile after looking at her gorgeous face?



  • Lydia Barakat- ‘Diva’ is the word that can describe Lydia the best, especially if we talk about the body that she has. Perfectly toned body with those curves is what she possesses, which is almost every other girl’s dream. This Instagram famous model has good 1 million followers where her posts make you drool over her figure and not to forget her immensely gorgeous sense of style which is absolutely mind boggling. She also runs a Youtube channel along with her another model friend, Nicole Khalil. The name of her channel is ‘LANE3’ which has gained immense popularity over time.


  • Bani Joseph (Bani J) – Our own lady RocknRolla needs no introduction as she is already known for her eccentric lifestyle which revolves around fitness. She is a British-Indian fitness model who has a strict diet and workout regimen. She has been a host for MTV and also a contestant of Bigg Boss Season 10. Famous for her outspokenness and encouraging words, Bani never fails to inspire women looking to get fit and thereby has been an inspiration for all of us. Her focus and dedication for fitness is evident through her posts on Instagram and ladies, you must start taking notes already!



  • Andrea Espada- A proud Latina, Espada is a mother of a kid whose name is Ferran. Dodging her age with her extreme good looks along with that perfectly curved body, sets another level for our goals. Besides that, she is a UFC TV host, a comedian and a fitness model. Her Instagram account has been verified with a blue tick and she has some major fan following with numbers going upto millions. Her Youtube channel by the name ‘Andrea Espada TV’ has hot vines with a huge fan following.



  • Sommer Ray- Born and raised in Colorado (USA), Sommer Ray is a model, fitness icon, social media sensation, and bikini athlete. She has amassed over 15 million followers on Instagram with her popular posts which show her workouts. This 20-yrs-old model took the world by storm after she began to post pictures and videos of her lifestyle. However, she has the best booty for a girl and those toned legs are surely not to be missed.



  • Hope Howard- Howard is a model married to Cody Hook with whom she is expecting her first baby. She runs a Youtube channel and a personal website which focuses on personal training and provides a fitness guide for her clients. With 724k followers over Instagram, people are crazy after how she looks and how she carries herself with the figure that is worth dying for. Her curves accentuate her personality and she continues doing gymming even after being pregnant. Now that’s enough motivation, you guys!