With Sravana month kicking in full gear, flower prices have sky rocketed. From the ladies of the house to the gents and even the little ones can be seen engulfing the temples in long never-ending queues to offer prayers. With the important Sravana religious rituals being carried on in every household there has been an ever increasing demand in the market for flowers.

People can be seen thronging the flower vendors and their stalls day and night, bargaining in full pitched voices trying to reach at an amicable settlement!  

It has been reported the flower prices have shot up significantly. The humble marigold is being sold at a rate of Rs 50 to 60 per kg; while the robust rose has been reported to have risen from at Rs 100 to 120 per kg to Rs 160 per kg.

It has also been said that the prices of flowers might shoot up to Rs. 400 in the nest two days. It has also been quoted that the demand for flowers could shoot up to 600 tonnes a day.