What is the right age to get married — well, this question always pops up in our minds and leaves us in a state of confusion!

The institution of marriage is highly demanding in our country. Forget about being emotionally available the clock ticks with age, covering fronts like being physically, mentally and financially ready as well.

With an array of definitions; for a very few, it is whenever love knocks at your door, very true in the case of this septuagenarian couple from Chhattisgarh’s Bagdol village.

Defying all odds, the two ‘love birds’ decided to exchange their wedding vows at a time when most of us are busy planning for retirement.

The 75-year-old, Ratiya Ram and Jimnabari Bai, 70 had met just a couple of weeks before at a social event when they decided to live together.

Once the news of the duo in a relationship spread through the village, they were asked by the locals to get married instead — no guessing live-in is still a far-fetched idea.

After a detailed consultation with the families of both Ratiya Ram and Jimnabari Bai, a customary ceremony was organised after the approval of the local Panchayat of the village.

Belonging to the Korwah tribe, the nuptial is surely turning heads and giving us some serious relationship goals.

The ceremony was attended by the villagers and some locals who could not help but witness this unique union.

The grandchildren of the couple were also present to forward their well wishes to the couple.