The state of Kerala is getting ready for its most awaited and celebrated festival of the year — ‘Onam’. The harvest festival falls during the month of August-September every year.

Mostly celebrated in different parts of Kerala, Onam is celebrated by Malyali hindu’s in high spirits during this time of the year which include flower arrangement, boat races, tiger dances, mask dances and much more.

The auspicious day falls on 4th September this year when the devotees go to the temples early morning, wear traditional clothes, perform prayers and draw rangolis out their door which is called ‘pookkalam’ .

One also gets to eat some mouth watering south dishes during the Onam feast like pappadom, pickles, chutneys, thoran, avial, puliserry, stew, sambar, rasam, rice and payasam among other appetizing treats.


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