New Delhi: Holed up indoors on a rainy day? Make sure you’ve done your bit to brighten your house in the dull monsoon season.

Navin Mistry, head of retail exports and lifestyle category, eBay India, lists out five easy tips to add some life to the atmosphere at home:

* Small, simple yet elegant changes in the décor can make your home monsoon ready. Bright and cheerful colours like coral and yellow are perfect for the melancholy the weather leaves you with. 

* Rainy season calls for light fabrics and therefore fabrics with synthetic blends are always a good idea.

* One can avoid the damp moist smell with scented candles. They are in various fragrances, so choose what suits you.

* Many of us enjoy sitting by the window and reading on a rainy day, adding wind-chimes near the window can be a good idea then. The light tingling and chiming with soft breeze will add a mystical touch to your day.

* Using vibrant coloured Chinaware can also be a good idea. Adding a few colours to the containers and dishes works fine. One can also handpaint on containers as not only does it brighten the table, but also keeps one busy during the heavy rains.

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