Prominent hair stylist Jawed Habib has come under heavy fire from masses after he put out a controversial advertisement promoting his hair salon. Although he later issued an apology but criticism coming his way on social media just won’t stop.

Jawed Habib’s ad portrayed several Hindu gods and goddesses relaxing and enjoying the services of the salon as the ad said “Gods too visit JH salon”. This apparently hurt religious sentiments of people and a flurry of verbal attacks started against the hair stylist across various social media platforms.

The gods and goddesses in the ad are seen relaxing along with their symbolic animals and birds like Kartikeya with peacock, Durga with lion, Saraswati with swan, etc. But it did not go down well with many and people on social media began taking obnoxious jibes at him with some even demanding his arrest.

Acting swiftly on it, Jawed Habib issued an apology through print media, starting it by wishing everyone for the upcoming festive season and Durga Puja. Then the apology read, “If our ad campaign had inadvertently hurt anyone’s sentiments we apologise for that.”


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