With devotees celebrating the auspicious festival of Navratri and worshiping the divine goddesses to satisfy their souls and bring power, strength, positive energy in life, the festival enters its 7th day today. ‘Maa Kaalratri’ is one another form of Goddess Durga, is a symbol of courage, strength, end of fear and calmness.

It is believed that those who worship with pure heart and soul to ‘Maa Kaalratri’, they are bestowed with blessing which helps in developing courage and power to fight all demons.

Devotees should not fear the Goddess and offer prayers with clean thoughts to bring prosperity to life.

The nine days of Navratri represent different avatars of Goddess Durga and so there are different ways to celebrate and acquire the pure strength, calmness, satisfaction in life during this festival.

Colours like blue, red or white are the known shades are generally recommended for devotees to immerse themselves in the pure theme of the day, but anything done from pure heart and clean soul will also do justice to the festival.

Talking about the 7th avatar of Goddess Durga, which is ‘Maa Kaalratri’, ‘Kaal’ here represents the time and ‘Ratri’ resembles to the night. It is said that Kaalratri is the evil destroyer and a symbol of calmness.

In nature, Navratri is a live festival with devotees fasting for the nine auspicious days. Devotees who celebrate this festival cannot consume wheat, outside food, vegetables, vegetable oil, non-veg, or any kind of soft or hard drinks. Though different people have different ways to satisfy their eating needs.

People also celebrate this festival by dancing on the tunes of ‘Garba’ (folk dance) songs. This genre generally has loud, live music and people dance carrying two sticks called ‘Dandiya’.

‘Garba’ dance is influenced by Dandiya Raas. Both men and women usually wear colourful costumes while performing garba and dandiya.