Navratri marks the beginning of  the season of festivals in India as people immerse themselves in performing Durga Puja during the nine day long celebratory trail of Indian traditions, customs, religious practice and offering prayers to 9 different avatars of Maa Durga. It’s a practice which is being performed for ages now and devotees consider it to be auspicious, positive, and to achieve the right spirit in life. People in different states have different ways to perform Durga Puja and also to celebrate, fast during the nine day long Navratri.

As today is the 8th day of Navratri, devotees are in high spirit celebrate Durga Puja by offering their prayers to the powerful goddess 8th avatar Mahagauri, who people believes is the epitome of power, beauty, calmness, strength and love. Goddess Durga’s 8th avatar, ‘Mahagauri’ where Maha refers to great and Gauri refers to fair complexion, means the goddess is believed to be great and with fair complexion.

It is also believed that by offering prayers with a pure heart and soul to ‘Mahagauri’, the goddess fulfill desires, wishes and get rid them of their sufferings.

For many devotees, the 8th day marks the end of Navratri festival as many people end the cycle of fasting and perform Durga Puja in their own desired ways. People celebrate the occasion by playing Durga Puja songs, placing Goddess’s ideal, and offer ‘Prasada’ (Holy Food) and gifts to young girls, kids by considering them as nine different avatars of Maa Durga.

To celebrate the occasion of Durga Puja, devotees across the nation setup big pandals, with goddess Durga idols displaying her nine avatars and offering prayers to gain strength, power, happiness, positivity in life of family and friends.

Devotees play Durga Puja songs in pandals, at home, in worshiping places. Temples across the nation are decorated with beautiful display of colour, lighting, and other stuff. Devotees perform different Aartis (Prayer to please goddess Durga to shower her blessings on them) in front of goddess Durga idols.

 Here is a list of some Durga Puja songs:

  • Dhak Baja Kashor Baja
  • Prithibi
  • Durge Durge Durgatinas
  • O Thakur
  • Maatlo Tomar Aloy Bhubon
  • Jago Durga Jago Dashapraharanadharini
  • Dugga Ma
  • Suruchi Sangha Theme Song
  • Jago Maa Jago Durga
  • Shishire Shishire Sharodo Akashe
  • Pujo Ready Sera Para
  • Ebar Jeno Onno Rokom Pujo
  • Dhaker Tale Komor Dole

Though the festival is celebrated in Jharkhand, Tripura, Bihar, Assam, Odisha, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and others to name a few, but in Bengal it’s more than just being a festival, as for years it has been a part of their lifestyle. Bengalis consider Durga Puja as one of the most auspicious among the entire cycle of festivals and are truly devotees of Maa Durga. No matter where family members are, but this time of the year when Durga Puja is to be performed, it becomes a time for families reunion with friends and other close ones. It also becomes a symbol of unity.

Devotees also celebrate the Durga Puja by wishing their loves ones with beautiful poster messages by sharing them on social media, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or through emails or Messages.

Here are some poster messages that devotees can use to mark the occasion: