Celebrations on Dussehra, the festival which is celebrated in India to mark the victory of good over evil, is being witnessed today in the nation. The festival is also a symbol of bravery and courage as according to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga on this day fought and defeated evil devil Mahishasura.

The festival of Dussehra is also a way to remember Indian mythology epic ‘Ramayana’ as the occasion is celebrated as a symbolic gesture to the victory of Lord Rama who saved his wife Sita and killed 10-headed king Ravana.

As part of festival celebrations, people dressed up as Lord Ram, Lord Laxman burn huge effigies of Ravana and his brother Kumbhakarna and son Meghanth to mark the victory of good over evil. These celebrations are practiced in big fields, grounds with a mass gathering of people who attend the celebration and watch the burning of effigies.

The atmosphere is generally like a fair where people visit with their families and celebrate the day by eating delicious food, worshiping their religious idols and purchase house hold stuff. The burning of effigies is a huge amusement for kids, children who witness the act with their families. Dussehra festival arrives after the nine-day Navratri celebration, which marks the beginning of festivals in India.

Know how Dussehra is celebrated in different parts of India

Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore or Mysuru is one of the most famous places to immerse yourself in the celebrations of Dussehra. As part of festival celebrations, a number of events take place in the city such as cultural programmes at Mysuru Palace, Yuva Dussehra, illumination, flower show, Jamboo savari, Dussehra exhibition, Torchlight parade and much more.Kolkata, Bengal

Kolkata, Bengal

Kolkata, which is famous for celebrating Durga Puja, the city is also know for its grand Dussehra celebrations. People in traditional, ethnic attire celebrate the occassion by visiting huge Durga Pandals with friends and family, creating a live environment in the city. People worship and offer their prayers to Goddess Durga to bring positivity, success, strength in life.

Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

A extravagant place to witness Dussehra, the celebrations continue for 7 days. Unlike other places where idols of Goddess Durga are carried out on chariots, in Kullu these idols are carried out on devotees heads.

New Delhi

The city after people migrating from different parts of India creates a multicultural environment during the festival. From Durga Puja, to Navratri’s Garba- dandia dance night to the burning of effigies of Ravana on Dussehra, the city represents every side of the festival.

Barara, Haryana

The town in know for buring huge effigies of Ravana. The place has already registered its name in the Lima Book of Records for burning the tallest effigy of Ravana in the world. During Dussehra celebrations in 2013, a 200 feet tall effigy of Ravana was burnt while in 2015, the height went to 215 feet.

Bastar, Chhattisgarh

Dussehra celebrations here go for as many as 75 days and is another place to visit around Dussehra. Dandakaranya jungles which are situated here, it is also believed that Lord Ram had spent some amount of his 14 years long exile time.