Today we will talk about Manjus The World Of Glamour owner Manju Choudhary. Manju is from Delhi and she has a huge make-up studio named Manjus The World Of Glamour in Delhi itself. Manju had decided in her childhood that she wanted to become a makeup artist and opened her own makeup studio. So as soon as her studies were over, she went to London and did a makeup artist’s course at the London College of Makeup.

After coming back, she started her career with a small beauty parlour and today she has her own makeup studio which she is running for the last 15 years. Manju’s father was a businessman and her mother was a housewife. Behind this success of Manju, her parents have a big contribution.

Manju was very fond of decorating since childhood. She used to use her mother’s makeup stuff in her childhood. After finishing her twelfth, when Manju told her parents that she had to do a make-up artist course, her parents supported her fully and said that “whatever you want to do, you do, we are with you”.

Manju’s inspiration is none other than Manju herself. It says that she has worked very hard in her life and because of her hard work, she has achieved many things and this idea of becoming a make-up artist is not because of her seeing someone else but it is her own choice.

Manju has worked with big celebrities like Shamita Shetty, Karan Kundra and Sahil Khan and has also won the award for Best Celebrity Makeup Artist from Shamita Shetty. Thousands of customers throng her studio every day, people are very much happy with Manju’s work. And apart from this, many celebrities also come to Manju’s makeup studio. Manju specializes not only in makeup but also in hair extensions, hair colour and many more. You will not be able to find any kind of mistake in her work.

Apart from makeup, Manju is fond of travelling. She likes to go to a new place, get information about that place and spend some time there and apart from this she is very fond of movies. Manju likes to lead a disciplined life, she believes that if anyone wants success in life, then it is very important for them to be in discipline.

Manju has always listened to her heart and fulfilled her dreams. Manju Choudhary is an inspiration for today’s girls who want to fulfil their dreams and live their life on their own terms and conditions.