Hindu festival Ahoi Ashtami which comes four days after Karawa Chauth will be celebrated on Thursday this year. The Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated to cherish the relationship of mother and son, 8 days prior to the festival of light which is Diwali. It is celebrated on the 8th day of The Kartik month according to the Hindu calendar. On Ahoi Ashtami, mothers are supposed to keep a day-long fast and offer prayers to Goddess Ahoi or Ahoi Mata for the well-being of their sons. Just like Karwa Chauth, Ahoi Ashtami is also mainly celebrated in north-western part of India. The festival involves a number of rituals and traditions that are performed by the mothers during the entire day.

Why is Ahoi Ashtami celebrated?

In ancient times, mothers who were having sons used to keep a day-long fast and offer prayers. To strengthen the beautiful relationship a mother and child has, the festival is celebrated and prayers are offered to Goddess Ahoi or Ahoi Mata that will bring good fortune to sons and further keep their happiness, health intact. Nowadays, mothers also keep fast for their daughters as the festival has evolved over the years.

Why mother observe fast on Ahoi Ashtami for sons and how long is it?

Mothers observe fast that begins with the sunrise and ends after moonrise. The reason why mothers keep fast on Ahoi Ashtami is due to an old story which was about a rich couple, who used to have 7 sons. When their mother was digging some oil she killed a baby lion and was cursed by the lioness. The cursed mother ended up losing her all seven sons.  In order to get rid after being cursed, the mother was told to worship Goddess Ahoi. The mother then kept a fast on Ashtami and was blessed with 7 more sons. Since then the festival is celebrated for the well-being of a child.