Ahoi Ashtami Fast 2019:  As the festive season has begun, and the festival of lights Diwali is approaching and would be celebrated by the end of this month, but before the festival of Diwali, a very important fast of Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated. this year Ahoi Ashtami will be celebrated on October 21, and on this day mothers for the well being of their children keep the traditional fast for their children.

As per the Hindu calendar, it is usually celebrated on Krishna Paksha Ashtami and this festival is mainly celebrated in the North Indian regions. Women keep the fast from sunrise and usually break after a sighting of the moon. Earlier in the modern age, the fast was kept as kept only for the protection of sons, but in the modern age, this fast is kept for the well being of daughters too. On this auspicious day, Ahoi Mata or Goddess Ahoi is worshiped and in the evening the worship is completed after offering the moon stars.

Also, this festival is very important for women who want to have children. This festival is also called as Ahoi Aathe because the fast takes place during the Ashtami Tithi.

There’s also a mythological reason behind celebrating the Ahoi Ashtami festival. It is believed that a moneylender has seven sons and his wife while digging for some soil, she accidentally killed a porcupine with her spade, it is been said that porcupine has cursed and all her seven children. Then the couples were heartbroken and to make her sons alive, the woman worshiped Ahoi Mata and fasted Ahoi Mata for six days. After this, Ahoi Mata was pleased to revive the seven dead sons of the woman.

The picture of Ahoi Mata is made on the wall of the house and the rituals are performed thereafter. Ahoi Ashtami fast ends after seeing of stars and moonrise

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