The festival of Bhai Dooj, celebrating the sibling love is here! On this auspicious day, sisters apply vermilion on the forehead of their brothers and pray for their long and healthy life. Brothers give them gifts in return to this. If you are wracking your brains to come up with that perfect gift for your sibling this Bhai Tika, we will lend you a helping hand and offer you some options to pick from and make your life a little easier. Read on!

Clothes: How about gifting your sister that little dress she has been crushing upon on a shopping/e-commerce site this Bhaiya Dooj? Clothes might be among the most obvious gift options, but we are sure your sister would not mind another piece of clothing as girls apparently are always short of them. Do make sure to keep her taste in mind while shopping or you can even ask for her choice so that she is not left disappointed with your choice. 

Jewellery: Another thing that never goes out of trend is jewellery. Gift her a pair of beautiful earrings that go with one of her dresses and she would be the happiest soul on earth. You can also gift you sibling customized pendants, rings etc to make their day special.

Make-up/Accessories: When it comes to girls, make-up products and accessories emerge as another obvious choice. So invest in cosmetics, hair straighteners, bags, etc this festive season for your pretty sister.

Footwears: Just like clothes, girls can never have enough of shoes as well. Every woman should own pumps, sandals, boots, loafers, heels, sneakers etc so that she is never out of choice and has a pair for every occasion. If your sister does not own any of these footwears, make sure you complete her collection this Bhaiya Dooj.

Spa session: How about giving your sis a spa voucher this Bhai Dooj to make sure stress does not touch her. Trust us, she will be thanking you and you will be thanking us.

Books: If you have a nerd sister who considers a book her best friend, gift them a couple this Bhai Dooj. You can go through most sought-after books on e-commerce websites to make your search easier.

Holiday vouchers: If you have a travel junkie sister who does not let go of any chance to travel to far away shores, holiday vouchers can be your best bet.

Coffee mugs: Coffee mugs also make for another awesome gift option. You can also get them customized to add that personal touch to it.

Chocolates: If you have a sister with a sweet tooth, gift her a hamper of chocolates, another evergreen gift suitable for all occasions.

Plants: If you looking for an offbeat gift idea, plants can come to your rescue. Plants like orchids, amaryllis, lavender and roses are easy to care for and will always remind your sister of you when she sees them grow up. Have a lovely Bhai Tika brothers and sisters!