For 9-days, the nine incarnations of Maa Durga are worshipped. From Maa Shailaputri, Maa Brahmacharini, Goddess Chandraghanta to Devi Kushmanda and Maa Skanda on the fifth day. Worshipped on the fifth day of Chaitra Navratri, Maa Skanda who depicts 4 arms and rides on a lion is the fifth incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is the mother of Lord Kartikeya who is also called Skanda and her name comes from him. Devotees worship Goddess Skanda for salvation, power, prosperity, and treasures.

She carries a lotus in both her hands and one of her hands is always depicted in a blessing gesture, in her fourth hand. She is also observed holding Lord Skanda or Murugan who is seated on her lap. Goddess Skanda symbolizes the relationship between a mother and her son. It is said that by worshipping her, devotees get immense love, affection and all their desires are fulfilled. The fifth day is also marked as Panchami, devotees wear either grey or blue colour clothes to seek as many blessings as they can. 

Chant this mantra to worship Goddess Skandamata

Siṅghāsanagatā nityama padmāśritakaradvayā |
śubhadāstu sadā dēvī Skanda mātā yaśaśvinī ||

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