There’s people out there who take the availability of social platforms for granted, not realising how powerful it can be and then there are people who make the most of it.

Gourav Mittal Padla is a man who falls in the latter category. Born and brought up in Haryana, Gourav is a social worker and a motivational speaker. When asked about why he chose to become a motivational speaker, Gourav shared, “I feel that there’s no bigger job in the world than helping others. Be it helping people get jobs or improve their standard of living or simply motivate them to want to do better in life. I really enjoy being a speaker and my motto in life is to grow and let people grow.”

Talking about using social media channels to further amplify his reach as a motivational influencer, he shares, “I believe Video content of the most immersive and highly consumed content. There are many who make video content in fitness, food, gaming and order things in life but I haven’t seen a lot of motivational video creators. It’s a niche that I hope in time gains more traction.”

Gourav further shares, “the current global pandemic has made it impossible for people to get out of the house and my job requires me to be on ground a lot for my talks but since that isn’t possible, I had to improvise and get creative to continue my work and in that avenue, social media has helped me a lot.”

Gourav is just getting started and has a long way to go, keep an eye out for him.