Davide Anzimanni’s journey from just a normal photographer to a prolific content creator dates eight years ago while he was still schooling. Being Inexperienced and clumsy, he decided to learn the photography techniques all by himself, after which he started posting random pictures, not of himself but of the places he visited with friends.


The Viral Photo


In his normal endeavors, Davide Anzimanni posted one picture of himself that captures the Lake of Braies, which was shared in many pages with millions of followers. That was when he discovered the potential that social media detains, and decided to exploit it at its best. He took more trips creating quality content, and this has made him gain an envious 128k followers on Instagram, a community he gives gratitude to for their support, suggestions, and constructive criticism, that makes him create even better content in every trip.


Collaborations and Experiences


Davide Anzimanni’s capability to create Eminent quality of content has seen him achieve collaborations with luxurious hotels and brands around the globe. He has worked in places like Dubai, Bali, Cappadocia, Norway, Lapland, and Italy. He also worked in renowned facilities like Kursaal at Lignano in Italy, and was also a photographer at the Maturita celebrations for three consecutive years.


The Will To Visit


At first, Davide Anzimanni was attracted to the famous and viral places that he saw on social media. He was also driven by wanting to create photos and videos like the ones that were created by the best photographers and content creators that he followed, so he went to the same places, and tried to create similar photos. This made him improve his creativity, and his style and vision behind the lens sprouted. Now, the destinations he chooses to visit comes from his will and desire to discover the grounds he intends to capture their essence through the camera.


Studying In Content Creation


In order to deliver quality content, Davide Anzimanni never takes  photos without studying the lights, colors, and the composition of his designated content creations areas. He is also not used to taking photos during the day, but either at sunrise or sunset. This means that he has to wake up at two or three in the morning, or leave at midnight for him to get to his location when there is perfect lighting. His passion, devotion, and commitment has made him become a full fledgedprofessional content creator recognized globally.