Dev Deepawali 2019 Date, Shubh Muhurat Timing, Puja Vidhi, Katha, Significance of Kartik Purnima: The Diwali of Gods- Dev Deepavali falls fifteen days after the festival of lights- Diwali and is believed that the gods descend on this very day to take bathe in the holy river, Ganga. Mostly celebrated in Varanasi, and some of the northern regions of India, the festival is to honor the holy river Ganga and during this day the ghats of Varanasi are lit with earthen pots and interestingly, the festival started back in 1985 at the Panchganga Ghat.

Just like the festival of Diwali, here too firecrackers are burnt, lamps are lighted, and oil lamps are set afloat in Ganga. The ritual for dev Diwali is followed by Kartik Snan- which means taking a holy bath in the river, followed by Deepdan which signifies offering lamps and then the Ganga Aarti in the evening.

This year the festival of Diwali of gods is being celebrated on November 12, 2019, Tuesday. Apart from being called Dev Diwali, the festival is also called Tripurotsav which is when lord Shiva came victorious after defeating demon Tripurasur.

Dev Deepavali 2019 date: 

November 12, 2019

Dev Deepavali 2019 Shubh Muhurat Timing:

Pradoshakal Dev Deepavali Muhurat- 05:11 pm to 07:48 pm which goes on for 2 hours 36 minutes. The Purnima tithi begins at 06:02 pm on November 11, 2019, and ends at 07:04 pm today.

Dev Deepavali 2019 Puja Vidhi:

As explained above first comes the Kartik Snan, where devotees from all over take a bath in the holy river then perform Deepdan, as the name goes, it signifies lighting lamps and offering it to the river, and then Ganga Aarti which is performed by 24 brahmin pandits along with 24 girls at the ghat. This also involves thousands of devotees and priests chanting hymns.

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