There was a time when nutritionists and dieticians were required only when you are in a problem or facing any disease like diabetes, thyroid, gout, arthritis, PMS , menopause, ulcers , cancer, kidney problems. Earlier, they were called Specialists, who would come and help you when you are not well. After that, a new trend started as celebrities endorsed dieticians and nutritionists to help them remain fit all the time. It was a belief that being nutritious is only for big names of the Bollywood and other fields.

Now time is changing. Top dietitians like Nidhi Gupta are creating a new environment by giving their dietitian and nutrition guide to everyone. Nidhi Gupta’s Diet N Delight is a notable name in the Dietitian and Nutrition world. She believes that a good sleep-eating the right food will always keep you an enjoyable and lively whole day.

Nidhi Gupta believes our Indian food has an all-important ingredients, which is essential for our body. Our masalas, may not suitable for western countries, but our home food and recipes are the best food any human can get. It carries all the proteins, vitamins and other essential things which our body needs — but there are many people in the 21st century that do not understand its importance.

Nidhi Gupta said in one interview eating Indian food can never make you fat. You lose your body shape only when you don`t do exercise or regular work, which needs to be done after eating food. Indian food is the most abundant food anyone can have on the planet.

Proper nutrition and diet charts are not only for rich people. Anyone can make their own regular diet chart and stick to it. Nidhi Gupta has helped many people till now with her regular monthly food chart. She has been awarded many times by top names nationally and internationally.

Nidhi Gupta is also known as a magical dietitian of India. Lots of B-town people know her personally and follow her diet chart. Some celebrities are her regular clients. Smriti Irani recently awarded for her excellent work. She has also worked with top News Channels.