As the festival of lights has arrived, the Indian households have been beautifully decorated to welcome Lordess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. This year, we are celebrating Diwali on November 7, today. Diwali shows that light always wins over darkness, and spreads positivity in air. All over India, people celebrate Deepawali with full fervour and zeal. This day is very special for Hindus as it creates a happy atmosphere in families. In the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin, Diwali is observed in the lunar day of Krishna Paksha every year.

People all over country start prepping up in advance to celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm. From cleaning of house to buying candles and diyas, and new clothes, every age group contributes to it and enjoys it too. But one of the best parts is decoration. It is said that the people who keep their house clean and beautifully decorated are garced upon with the presence of Lordess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. This is why people decorate their houses with lights and Rangolis.

Beautiful form of art, Rangoli is one of the most attractive ways to decorate the house. With different colours and designs, the special day becomes even more bright. Rangoli is a popular folk art which is named differently in parts of our country. From weeks before, the people start selling and buying colourful powders from which Rangoli is made. People also use grounded rice powder at times and use different elements to make it look even more beautiful like candles and diyas.

Rangolis are usually made in front of the house, near the doorstep symbolising to welcome Lordess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. People also make it at the verandah, courtyard or the balcony. Although, there are many simple designs available to make your Rangoli quickly and neatly but here are some beautiful Rangoli designs and tricks to make it fast and beautiful.

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