Durga Puja 2019: Navratri is the nine days festival in which different forms of Maa Durga are worshiped. The first day of Navratri is dedicated to Shailputri form of Maa Durga. She was named Shailputri because she was born to the king of mountains Shail. According to Hindu, there is the law to worship Shailputri on the first day of Navratri. Know the worship method, fast story, mantras, Katha and Vidhi.

Shailputri Puja Vidhi

This form of Maa Durga is considered very auspicious. Special sculpture made for this puja, which has a trident in one hand, a lotus in the other hand and sits on the Goddess Taurus who rules the entire Himalayas. We can also make worship simple by keeping a picture of her and putting red cloth on her low wooden post.

Write saffron with saffron on the top of it and place the wish-fulfillment ball. After this start meditating with red flower in your hand and speak this chant, Oon Hri Klein Chamundaye Vichche om Shaiputri Devayai Nama. Along with chant, leave the flower taken in the hand over the picture of the Maa.

This chant should be repeated at least 108 times, Vande Wanchalatabhoy Chandrardhi Kritashek Aram, Vrishrudha Shuldarn Shailputri Yashasvinam.

Prasad of Maa Shaiputri: By offering cow’s ghee at the feet of Maa Shailputri, devotees get the blessings of health, which keeps both the mind and body of the person.

The mythology behind Goddess Shailputri worship

Once king Daksh carried out a yajna prayer service. in this, he invited all the gods to receive their yagna part. B~ut he did not invite Shankarji in this yajna. When Sati heard that her father was performing a very big yagna ritual, she felt anxious to go there.

He conveyed his wish to Shankarji. After considering all the things, he said Prajapati Daksha is angry with us for some reason. In this yajna, he has invited all the gods. Their sacrificial fires have also been dedicated to them, but we have not been called deliberately. No information has been sent. In such a situation it will not be right for you to go there.

But Sati requested a lot, by seeing her strong request, Lord Shankarji allowed her to go there. When Sti reached the father’s house, saw that no one was talking to her with respect. Her mother was embracing her with affection and the sister’s words were full of sarcasm. She could not bear the insult of her husband Lord Shankar.

She immediately burnt his form by burning it with Yogagni. And Sati consumed her body through Yogagni and was born as the daughter of Shailraj Himalaya in the next life. This time she became famous by the name Shailputri.

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