Sunday, August 7, 2022

Ekta Sandhir- Imparting Wisdom about Women Empowerment, Relationships and Happy Life

Behind a successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. Women empowerment and promoting women’s rights have arisen as a part of a substantial global movement and proceeded to break new ground in recent years. Born and raised in Ahmedabad with roots in Punjab, Ekta Sandhir’s life journey embarked as someone so Punjabi at heart. She is a non-Gujarati girl, so being an icon in radio jockey in Gujarat is a considerable achievement. She has a decent nature and gets easily mixed with different cultures.

Ekta is a bubbly yet strong-headed woman with an absolute absence of any affiliation towards the Gujarati culture. Ekta has a solid social media presence. She enjoys a fan following of 1.5 Million people on Instagram @ektainlove. Ekta Sandhir is well-known and notable for imparting wisdom and knowledge about women empowerment, love life and relationships. She is a life full of soul empowering women into making the right choices in life and career.

Ms Sandhir wasn’t a Gujarati person till she got into college. An enthusiastic and happy go lucky woman raised upon an abundant amount of love, values and good vibes. She was the always-out-of-class and life-of-the-party kid while in school. College, however, brought a new element to this lively attitude. That was the first step towards a life-changing journey.

Ekta Sandhir is a phenomenal poet and content curator. She creates her contents, poems and everything she displays on her social media handles is her original. Her first magazine was published in Femina in 2017, about body positivity & which has been something she was vocal about. Loving your own body, as evident as the notion may seem, is often easier said than done. Ekta believes in the notion that everybody should appreciate their body despite flaws. People should feel confident about their bodies and should love themselves. They should accept their body’s shape and size. Ekta, along with good health, doesn’t support obesity. She appreciates being healthy & being okay with whatever you are. Her mantra is to ‘flaunt the flaws’. 

She has been vocal about empowering women. In Ekta’s opinion, youthful girls who wish to regulate their lives should get themselves enlightened and educated. They should be confident, be financially independent, and make a place for themselves in this world. She positively expresses that it’s all about offering. Universe has a rule of giving and taking. All the affection and love you give comes back to you, don’t just expect. Enjoy yourself with whatever you are; being genuinely original helps you make a space in any corner of the world. By practising empathy, anybody can make their space in any industry.

Ekta is someone who has never lived without any plans. There is not a single unplanned moment in her entire life. Her radio shows are presumably the most planned parts of her day, which makes it more exhilarating.

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