Wearing designer clothing is about looking good and making a fashion statement, says Melbourne based fashion designer Hetal Desai who’s turning heads with her excellent signature collection by label, Veer Fashion Studio. This young and dynamic fashion enthusiast has been showcasing Indian culture through her designs that went on to become one of the prominent clothing brands in Gujarat, where Hetal was born and brought.
Veer Fashion Studio was founded by Hetal a couple of years ago and ever since then, the brand has seen an upward trend in the demand for designer outfits. From celebrities to influencers to other people, Hetal’s huge body of work has become a status symbol for people in Gujarat and other states in India. Her designs speak volumes about culture, class, and everything fashion.
Hetal manages the business with the help of her mom and sister who take care of the backend work in India. The team comprises of various craftsmen hired for every type of design who put in their hard work behind doing justice to Hetal’s excellent and elegant designer outfits.
Hetal offers a wide range of expertise in casual wear, lehenga cholis for women and kids of all age groups. She is also specialized in making Rabari dress, a special community-based outfit. Hetal is also known for her hand-painted designs which were also part of one of the fashion shows held in Ahmedabad by BRDS institute.
The boss lady is currently working on her fresh collection that will soon be launched on her Instagram where she keeps everyone updated with her latest collection all the time.