Back pain has become a major issue everyone has, irrespective of their age or gender. Imagine a morning you wake up, and you have severe back pain that you can’t even bend properly. Well, not only it sounds painful but is also painful for the ones who suffer through this strenuous pain. The simple answer to relive back pain lies in the practice of yoga. At one point, many did not believe in the power of yoga. But its impactful results have restored people’s faith. Doing yoga exercises that focus on eliminating back pain releases the stiffness from the back muscles, thus promoting flexibility.

However, the big question is what are the yoga asanas and stretches to be followed to get rid of the back pain? To answer all the queries, yoga instructor Eylin Pérez is launching her e-book titled ‘21 days of yoga for lower back pain’. After years of training and expertise, Eylin has decided to make people across the globe aware of the power of yoga. “The most common body pain everyone has is the backache. With this book, I can say with conviction that people will get tremendous knowledge about the exercises and asanas to follow to get read of back pain”, said the yoga instructor.

Not only body pain, but yoga plays its part in a variety of ways. It helps in boosting the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of a person. Furthermore, Pérez revealed that if the poses are done right, yoga helps in releasing muscles. “It also promotes the concentration power and takes your attention to the pain happening in the body”, added Eylin. Besides muscular pain or poor body posture, the yoga instructor believes that there might be several other reasons behind backache. The best way is to consult a doctor before beginning with any yoga exercise. The yoga instructor with her sessions has helped many people get rid of the pain on different levels like physical, mental and emotional levels.

Apart from the consistent yoga practice, Eylin Pérez suggests the need for consuming the right kind of nutrition. The food you consume and the sleeping patterns you have plays a vital role in shaping up a human body. Many might not believe it, but Eylin through the regular yoga practice and meditation has got rid of endometriosis and ankle injury that she suffered in 2015 and 2017 respectively. In her journey as a yoga teacher, she has brought a significant change in everyone’s life. Her e-book is all set to launch soon, and Eylin Pérez is pretty sure that many people will inculcate yoga in their daily lives to live a healthy lifestyle.