Friday, September 30, 2022

Fashion designer Isha Multani launches Pret wear line for Christmas collection

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Isha Multani Daftary, a 27-year-old Mumbai-based fashion designer is not an unknown name for those who religiously follow high-fashion bridal lehengas. She made a mark in the fashion business by designing lehengas and gowns which have a tinge of boldness along with all the traditional feels. Her bridal lehengas have grabbed eyeballs not once or twice, but almost every time when she comes up with a new piece. She has got the eye to match the hues with the type of laces and embroidery that suit all sorts of body types and skin tones.

Not so long ago, when she got wedded, all her outfits became the talk of the town for netizens as they surely stood out among the sea of other designs available in the market. Isha enjoys almost 90k followers on her Instagram who look up to her ensembles and she never disappoints them by bringing something new to the plate every single time. Not restricting her creativity to designing bridal lehengas, she has also ventured into blogging of luxury weddings, social media strategies, graphic designing, freelance consulting, and even content development. It’s like her creativity has no boundaries as she keeps dazzling her audience with the multiple talents she has got.

The fashion designer has earned fame by not only flaunting her collections, but also by working with some big names of the industry such as Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, Bulgari, and Rimple Harpreet. She finds the red colour timeless as red attires never fail to drop the jaws of people staring. Creativity to her is converting “nothing” to “something” such as converting something two-dimensional into three-dimensional. Fashion is forward-thinking and cyclical, she believes. Comfort and details, according to her, are the most important aspects that make any ensemble ideal to wear. Multani has taken her expertise to a totally new level by shooting for an upcoming season of Bridal Asia.

After successfully launching her winter wear, she’s coming up with a new line of pret wear collections. Her new collection screams fashion as it is filled with unique and out-of-box styles. Not only all the ensembles of this collection are glamorous, but they’re also really comfortable and give a luxurious vibe. Her knack for coming up with mind-blowing combinations of hues can be clearly seen even in her new collection. It can be seen through her past work that she likes giving her followers a visual treat every time she launches something news. Her pret wear line is indeed a treat to fashion lovers during this wedding season. With these ready-to-wear outfits, you can leave the worries of finding matching pieces to create a look. Her pret wear collection from Isha fashion stands out for the quality and well-embroidered work on ensembles. Multani has reaffirmed with her new collection that no one can ace the aesthetic game like her.

The sizzling collection of her new line can also be considered as an early Christmas gift to the followers of high fashion.

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